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Sound or Audio Troubleshooting assistance needed. One of our coworkers has created videos using Adobe Premiere Pro then uploaded to Stream on SharePoint Online. While hosted on SharePoint Online, the video has no sound. When playing the video I can hover over the speaker control icon, and the tip balloon will say "This video has no sound." A visitor can then download the video from Stream, and it will play just fine with audio in Windows Media Player. The behavior is the same across different desktop browsers, Stream mobile app, and same when uploaded to a dev tenant.

I went on a hunt to learn more about video creation and posting and landed on this article.


Based on that information, the owner re-produced the video with a lower bitrate and that didn't help.


Here are the specs on the file:
Dimensions 1920x1080
Codecs MPEG-4 AAC, H.264
Color Profile HD(1-1-1)
Duration 05:34
Audio Channels Stereo


I'm told this isn't the first time it's happened, only the most recent. Any guidance on how best to resolve?

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@Anne O'Day I am having the same issue. Currently I am working on group of 7 videos in 4 languages (28 total). Some will have this audio issue, some won't. There is no telling why this happens. Most of them even use the same audio track since they are instructional.

Thank you! This is helpful, because I'm being told the same thing that many are all very similar and yet seemingly randomly one will have a problem.