Uploading a new version of a video??

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I would like to use the Embed capability to display Streams videos in places other than O365. 

I can upload my videos to my Streams, but there's no way for me to upload a new version of that video. Having to delete and re-add a video is not tenable, as it would mean changing the Embed code for the video each time it changes. 


Any solution to this?? It could be a show stopper for us.


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We don't have this ability today in Stream, sorry. Can you add your votes and comments to this same idea in our idea forum?



This is actually possible in Video, so I don’t really understand how a supposedly superior solution that is planned to replace Video doesn’t have it. 

It feels almost bizarre not to have this feature at launch – it is the same as OneDrive launching without the possibility to make changes to files stored in OneDrive. It's absurd!

You are right we do have this feature in O365 Video if you re-upload a video with the same exact original name to the same channel.


I'm sorry we don't have all the same features across O365 Video and Stream. We are doing our best to pick up and close that gap along with add new capabilities to Stream. 


For this specific feature we haven't picked up this development work yet due to other commitments at this time. It would be great for you to add your votes and comments to the ideas forum so can capture them there as well as see where this feature fits in customer's minds compared to other ideas: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Ideas/Ability-to-Replace-a-source-video-file...


Yes, this is a show stopper.  Must Have Now to make this useful.