Video replace failed, now cannot even upload

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I wanted to replace 3 of my videos (university teaching materials) to a newer version of them on the classic MS Stream. The upload for all 3 of them succeeded and their processing started. When I later checked on them, they got into some errored state:

- These videos cannot be viewed anymore (neither the old or the new version).

- They have an error icon in my videos list, like this:


- They got into an unpublished state and I cannot publish them again.

- I cannot replace them again. The upload immediately fails, even if I try to reupload the old version of these videos:


There is no error code at all, so it is hard to figure out what is going on.

Meanwhile I managed to upload my videos as new videos and they are fine that way. So it is not an issue with the video files, but something failed during the replace process (for all 3 videos) and now it cannot even be reverted.


I would like to replace those videos, so the previous URLs will still work. Does anyone faced a similar issue before and managed to resolve it?

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