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First questions does the 'people' tab in a stream video only work for a recorded meeting when the attendees are using their video? seems like it knows when people are speaking so why wouldn't it just when its an audio meeting with a screen share?


Second, why is Microsoft's transcription SO BAD ?!?!  its bad for skype voicemail too. 

I've used cisco, Vonage, and googles transcription and they are all way better. Does MS realize how bad it is and what are they doing to fix it?

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I believe transcription should work for any kind of video...but adding here @Marc Mroz so he can also get the feedback about transcript quality

Hi Jason, 


The People tab shows the faces detected of video participants when they are in the video frame, ie. they have to be visible in the video.



Totally hearing the feedback on transcription quality, I have experienced it first hand as well. We are definitely working to improve it.




Transcription within Stream is supposed to take 2x the length of time of the actual recorded time but I added the language information more than an hour ago and still no transcription. Will I get a notification/email once its done ? How would I know if there is an issue with the transcription ? From my view, all is good, I see the transcription window option but its taking more time to transcribe than I expected and currently still no transcription. 

18 hours later and still no transcription. 


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@John Pangilinan - Did you double check that the video language is set for your video? It needs to be set to English or Spanish for Stream to generate the transcript. 


If it is set to one of those and there is still no transcript, then can you work with your O365 admin to open up a support ticket. I think that would be best next step to trying to track down why the transcript didn't generate automatically.

@Marc Mroz is there a way to automatically set it to English so we don't have to go define this manually for every meeting or video we want to share with our Teams? Seems like this should be a default or at least an option in tenant settings.  Thanks!

Catching up with this thread. We do not auto-detect language today, we are considering adding this capability. If you upload from the Stream Portal directly, you should only have to set the language of your video the first time, we then default it to that language going forward.

Hope this helps!

@csmithscf - Specifically for Teams Meeting recordings there is a meeting policy that if you toggle it to True, we'll pass the language from the teams meeting recording to Stream so that the transcript of the meeting recording is autogenerated by default. 


I believe it's the "Allow transcription" setting that once enabled passes the language correctly on the recording to Stream.