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I know there are a few posts on this forum about the transcript function in Stream.  However, I need to get clarity on how MS expect the transcripts to be used?


From an accessibility point of view, transcripts should be easy to down load separately from a video for users who have impairments to use (as not all can use captions on a screen whilst the video is playing).  As many have pointed out, when a user downloads a transcript, it enters all code and formatting which is not useful (again, from an accessibility point of view, even looking at it could cause problems).

I googled this, not knowing that this is expected behaviour and i stumbled across the transcript cleaner tool.

Couple of problems with this

  1. Who knows about it, unless you google or come on a forum?
  2. When the tool asked me to choose a VTT file, my file did not down load as a VTT files so my file manager box appears empty, so i know to choose 'all files' as my option (i don't know how many people will realise to do this)
  3. Transcripts are supposed to be easily accessible - this so far is far from easy
  4. Once I had put my file through the cleaner and chose 'copy transcript' in the cleaner, i pasted in to word.  Again, just a massive page of words.  Not accessible!! 
  5. A transcript should be able to be downloaded with just the script on and the time stamps, surely?

So when MS stream introduced the transcript feature, what intention did they have on how it was going to be used?


I am sorry if this has been covered a number of times, but i think the more it is flagged, the more likely it is going to be recognised that this is not a user friendly or accessible feature (and i love MS stream in every other way!!)



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Not sure why this has not been answered or responded to in any way --


The transcripts are FAR from accessible!



I know. I can't understand why they have have a video sharing platform, but do not have access to downloadable transcripts.
Is anyone able to respond.....please!!!!!!