Office 365 Video storage

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We are planning our migration to Stream and see that we will have about 1TB of storage before we need to purchase additional.

How can we find out how much storage Office 365 Video is using currently?



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@Christopher Hoard Thanks for those links. As far as I'm aware, those only report the initial uploaded video sizes, correct?

I guess I'm wondering how much the total storage is for the original video + the azure media service blobs that also get created.


I assume Stream storage counts against all of that, although I haven't seen anything definitive.

@Richard Bourke - AFAIK it takes all video uploaded into Office 365 video.

See article here

All video is stored in SharePoint Online but a copy is put to Azure Media Services - so the powershell code should get all the videos, and if they are replicated the size should be roughly 2x the size of what's in SharePoint

At least as it goes from the article!

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris