MS Stream iOS app URL Scheme & deep linking

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Congrats to the team for finally getting the Stream apps launched! We have also struggled with the Apple review process, so understand how challenging it can be.


We have been struggling long term with playing Microsoft Stream videos within a WKWebView on iOS (due to cookie/authentication issues) and are looking at alternate ways of playing Microsoft Stream videos on the iOS platform.


We would like to deep link into the Microsoft Stream app, where installed and this page suggests this is possible: however when I open a link to a Microsoft Stream video on iOS, it opens in Safari, rather than in the Stream app. I'm guessing this is an issue with Universal Links configuration on the web side.

Does the Microsoft Stream iOS app support a custom URL scheme which could be used to deep link directly from other iOS apps? It used to be possible to reverse engineer this, but Apple now make it almost impossible to obtain the .ipa file of a downloaded app.

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Hi Andrew,

I tested this tonight. It isn't working for me either. I took a direct link to a stream video in my organisation and sent it to my IPhone (Outlook App). This opened in the Edge app as I have Safari disabled, but not the Stream App.

I would recommend doing the following

1.) Report this through the Stream App > Help and Feedback > Share Feedback > Report a Problem
2.) If you have social, raise it on Twitter @MicrosoftStream
3.) Email the team direct at for iOS feedback

I have also raised it as a feature request

Hope that helps! If I have answered your question Andrew please like this post and then set as the solution. If not, let me know what more you need. Thanks for raising this again.

Best, Chris