Stream Storage question: Office 365 Enterprise user quota

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My question is really simple but I can't find an answer so without a ton of jargon I don't understand.  My company has upwards of 400 Office 365 licenses/subscriptions with a mixture of e3 and e5 level access.  Now, does each user/license get 500GB of storage or does our organization as a whole get the 500GB?  If it's per user, can we "pool" all of our allotted storage into a central location/user/license, whatever?


Hey thanks.  I know this is elementary and I appreciate your patience.



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Per this doc:

You get 500GB for the tenant + .5 GB per licensed user. F1/K1 do not get the .5 GB but everything else does. The storage is pooled across the tenant. So if you have 400 users you have 700GB storage to use in Stream as a whole. 

Chris Webb has the correct answer.

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@Chris WebbIs that 500GB + .5 per user space the shared space for SharePoint/Teams/Groups/etc. or is that specific to Stream?

Just for Stream, the storage for Stream is it's own bucket and the SharePoint/Teams/Groups pool is calculated at a higher per user allocation for it's bucket.

Thank you, Chris!  We were hoping you would say that. :)  This is a huge cost save for us over other hosting services we were considering for video.

Keep seeing this one pop up @Chris Webb - makes me laugh it's like an indirect reminder to read the question :D