More granular permissions with Teams

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As we look to deploy Teams to replace Skype, meeting recordings into Stream will become a requirement for feature parity. A more granular permission level/role, specifically around Teams recordings, would avoid having to give users unnecessary permissions if we want to keep videos and channels more for our comms teams.


In general further levels of permission would also be welcomed in large enterprises to support groups/personas who have different requirements. Keen to get the thoughts of other customers, especially those evaluating Teams.

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Hi Nick

Did you hear something about this topic? I was going to post nearly the same message as you. My actual level of knowledge ist this(my message i wanted to send):

I was googling quite a bit but didn't found the proper information. I miss more granular role and permission settings for Teams. Not only owner and members per team ( please note: It's not per channel!) (

My idea: Before the implementation I would like to check a READ or CRUD Matrix with a customer. So then it will be defined who will have the specific rights per channel. I think it is quite common, that a company has users that would have different rights in different channels. As far as i can judge, thats not possible right now.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have something more granuar like using the user and groups directly in the Admin Center (

Please let me know if i forget something or missed a way to do that.