Company-wide permission scope

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It’s not entirely clear what the company-wide access level covers but I am going to assume it’s anyone assigned a license in our tenant. Is there anyway to get around that, by having the company-wide scope point to a security group that we deem appropriate?
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No, but you can share videos and things to groups, so there is that.

Correct. the "company-wide" scope is anyone in your organization who isn't a guest user and has a license to Stream.

We don't have the feature you are asking for, but you can share videos to a smaller scope like individuals or groups.


Could you add your idea to the stream ideas forum:


Thanks. Yeah, I'm aware of the options for securing individual videos or securing via groups. It would still be much more helpful to be able to define the scope around what company-wide is, rather than just letting it be anyone with a license in our tenant. 
"Modern / O365" Groups still don't work the best for us in all scenarios either. The new group concept is great for more organic user managed groups, but it doesn't work well for those that you are managing dynamically in role-based scenarios. 
I will submit another suggestion via the link below for whatever that's worth.