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Hi everyone,


we've been testing the new mobile app for Stream and noticed that similarly to using Stream in a mobile browser you are always required to manually log into the service, even with MS Authenticator installed on our mobile devices. Does Stream not utilize authentication tokens like SharePoint Online or OneDrive to make the login experience more seamless?


Thoughts? Feedback?


Thank you

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I've been using the Stream mobile app as well internally here at Microsoft, and I don't have that issue, I'm always logged in. We use company portal (intune) and also the Authenticator app for 2 factor auth.


@Dwyane George - Any thoughts on why Igor might be seeing this issue?

Hi Igor,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. We're aware of the iOS sign-in issue and will be pushing out a fix for beta users this week. If you have any additional feedback, feel free to reach out to us.

Hi Dwyane, thanks for the update - appreciate it.


I assume the fix applies to the mobile app - the experience in the mobile browser would remain the same?

Yes, this applies to the mobile app. The in-browser experience should be unaffected.