What Does Following a Channel Do?

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I will be giving a quick presentation on how to use MS Stream within my office. Can anyone tell me what following a channel even does? I assumed that once a channel is followed, you would be notified/emailed whenever a new video is uploaded, but that does not appear to be the case. The only thing the help doc says is that you can "follow and unfollow channels so you can be kept up to date with the content you want to see," but I can not find how users are "kept up to date". Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Following works just like SharePoint. You get a custom view to basically filter on channels you follow. So it's really just a way to bookmark channels as under "My Content" is a Followed Channels view.
I see. So I take it email notifications is not a feature currently supported?

The other reason I ask is because we have set up a Pending/For Review channel where anyone within the company can upload content. As an admin, I would review this content and then relocate to the appropriate company wide channels. It would be great if I could be notified when someone uploads something to this channel.
Right now to my knowledge there isn't. I want to say I recall seeing some things they discussed adding to Stream and some approval scenarios were spoken of but don't quote me on that :).
Thanks for the help!
So Just to add to that, here is the doc on Follow channels. Doesn't say anything about e-mails for that:

And if you look up e-mail notifications you only get them for video's shared with you and system type messages when uploads are done processing etc. You can see others in the comments on this page also asking for similar things you're looking for :)