Can't convert PowerPoint into video to upload to Stream

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Can someone help with a problem I am encountering.  I create PowerPoints in Office 2016 and record the lecture on the PP for classes..  For some reason I cannot convert them to a video to upload to Office Stream in order to get a link to share.  I never had this problem with Office Mix.  I am a frustrated PowerPoint user at this point.

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@Cindy Moss - I moved your post to a new thread on the forum to not get it confused with the video creation survey. 


Can you give us more details on what exactly the steps you are doing and where you run into problems? It's hard to tell what the issue is from your previous post.


How are you recording the lecture on the powerpoint? Are you using the "Recording" tab > "Record slide show" and then using a web cam to capture audio/video along with the slide transistions, etc? Or are you doing something else to record the lecture?


To add the "Recording" tab into PPT if it's not there follow these steps:

Open PowerPoint > File > Options > Customize Ribbon > On the right side box, if you go down, you will see Recording which you should check.


The recording tab allows you to...

- Record slide show

- Add a screen recording to your PPT

- Export the PPT as a video

- Or even Publish the video directly to Stream