Live event support survey: How would you use a “real-time live support” offering from Microsoft?


With the release of live events from Microsoft Stream, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams we are exploring the possibility of offering a “real-time live event” support service. This support service we are investigating, would help you with more immediate and proactive help for large meetings, live events, and webinars.


We are seeking feedback from people within organizations responsible for live streaming of large events and the support of those solutions. Examples include webinars, training, company addresses, or large one-to-many meetings.


Please fill out this survey or pass it on to others within your organization who run live streaming events or are responsible for support of live streaming events/services:


Your responses to this survey will help us determine how we can best help our customers be successful with running large scale meetings and live events across Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Microsoft Stream.

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