Can't assign stream admins

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Hi. We are just starting out with Microsoft Stream and I am unable to assign ordinary users as stream admins (which the documentation and instructional video indicates you can). It fails with the following:

The settings were not updated, please try again. Role assignment failed for these users: John Smith. These users either have no service plans or their service plan does not allow them to be administrators.

The user in question has an Office 365 Enterprise E3 license and I can see they have a license for 'Stream for Office 365'.

I would appreciate any assistance or pointers in the right direction.

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Has that user logged into Stream yet? Maybe need to have them do that before it will allow assignment?
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Thank you for reporting this.

We've been able to identify the issue and are working to fix it. Our target is to have a hotfix out by end of day today which puts everything back working.


Updates on this issue will be posted here:


For more information on how we message on service updates you can read this help doc:

The hotfix for this went out to all data centers last night around 7pm PST. This should be fixed now. Sorry for the interruption.

So if we are still having this issue as of 2019-12-12 14:00 PST, what should we do? Because I have previous Stream admins and new Stream admins a wee bit upset at me as a Global Admin. 

Yes, it is all good now.


Cheers for that.

I'm having this same issue - receiving the message "Role assignment failed for these users:  These users either have no service plans  @Marc Mroz Any ideas what i need to do to correct this?

I am also experiencing this issue when attempting to add a user as an admin.

@Pat Sullivan Hey Pat, here is what I had to do to fix it -


Instead of the O365 admin page, navigate to your Microsoft Azure administration portal. Find the Azure Active Directory tab on the left and navigate to:


YourCompanyName-->Licences - Overview-->Products-->Office365 E3-->Licenced Groups. 


Now select the licence group that applies to your users and check the "Enabled Services". You need to make sure Stream is enabled (using the toggle button) for the group containing users that you want to enable.


I had to make that change and then wait about 2 hours, but after that the issue was resolved.