The 'Check your work' button under exercises is very unreliable

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I have a pretty peculiar problem with the sandbox exercised on the Learn site. Doing the tasks perfectly and afterwards pressing the 'Check your work' button almost always results in a 'That's not quite right' message, even though the sandbox is perfect.


I know this because after pressing the button numerous times, logging out, logging in, trying a different browser, eventually makes it produce the 'Great work!' result. Sometimes it immediately has that result, sometimes it takes many, many clicks. No idea what I can do to help that.


The only reason I can come up with is that my email is connected to two different accounts (it seems) as it asks me to say 'work' or 'private' whenever I login using my Microsoft Account. I always use my private account but the work one somehow also has stuff set on it. For the record, it is not my work at all. That uses a completely different mail adress with a different domain.


Both appear to have Azure domains as well (although I only use the private one). I've looked around to see if I can fix this myself, but the help I find Googling is cryptic and doesn't really help at all -- I don't own that domain it thinks I do, so I can't provide TXT domain settings to remove anything at all. It's more than a little disheartening to see how utterly convoluted the Microsoft account system is now.


Anyone have suggestions to get this fixed?

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@MK1972 Same issue here, can't figure out what I am doing wrong...

I suspect you might be having credential leakage between work and personal Microsoft accounts.
I suggest you create a new profile in your browser or use a different browser entirely.
See for Chrome or for Edge


Good Day All, i trust that you are well.

Am currently experiencing the sandbox buggy issue with that my exercise has been done so precisely as per instruction, however when i click on Check your work it is returned with a that not quite right message. I have restarted, used a new browser and clicked so many times to no avail. I am using Microsoft edge browser and my default login is my personal microsoft account. Really do not know what the problem is so far and im stuck at this level

@BonganiBmGEventually the issue disappeared for me. I cleared all cookies, deleted all session data and use Firefox. Somehow the Learn site now understands what Azure account to use (I have a private and a company one tied to the same address). No more issues since.