DA-100 Labs not working

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I cannot begin the Lab08A

getting the error "Hmm, something went wrong, Retry launching lab"


I´ve tryed to do the lab in spanish, in english, with Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge browser and also with Internet Explorer and always get the same error and cannot begin the lab.


Then I have tried to do some other labs I did weeks ago and also get the same error but only in some of them.


Anybody is getting the same and can help me? 





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Same question and situation here.
I can't help you, I have no solution yet and it´s getting worse, the next labs also give me the same errors.


My solution is to give up and find a similar dataset instead to practice.

There are 11 datasets provided by MS/PowerBI here, which are helpful and can be downloaded.

thanks @tingjhen those datasets will be very useful.

It´s seems to be an Azure sandbox problem, a tool used in Microsoft Learning Labs. You can check the status here:

I'm facing the same issue with the LAB. Is there anyone who can help?

No news.
I have still the same problem and in Azure Status Web Page it´s published that threre isn´t any issue.

@frangoncabhaving this same issue the last couple of days. Right now on lab 6b

I've had the same issue this week (Mar 14 - 17). Last week I did several labs with no issues. Now it they won't load. I submitted feedback but not sure where else to go to report an issue.
I had this problem a few days ago, and found a post in which a user said to try and open a Lab from a previous Module, which worked. You'd simply load up whichever current file you needed to work from instead.

However, today I've attempted to run the Lab in "Create a data-driven story with Power BI reports" - which didn't work.

So, i attempted to remedy the situation by opening a Lab from a previous Module, and this time it didn't work :( None of the previous Labs in prior Modules work.

What am i suppose to do now Microsoft? I can't complete the course, and i only have a few days left.

This is so frustrating.

@Charlie_PalYeah same, I am trying to do the certification challenge or whatever to get a free test, and now I am going to be way short on time... I contacted them as well but it will probably be a week before I hear anything.

Sorry to hear you are having the same problem - i have just managed to use one of the Labs in a previous Module to load up the PBIX file for the current Module I'm working from.
None of the Labs were working earlier, i wish Microsoft would be more transparent and explain what's going on.
Good Luck on getting it finished!

Same question and problem here.

The issue is still present for me but this will be useful for sure:

In the link above all the labs with their instructions and .pbix files.
^ Thanks for sharing this !


how do i get there and download the files? Do i need to set up a dedicated account on GitHub or is this related to a microsoft account? The bug is still there i feel i have to quickly find a workaround.






You don´t need to set up an account in github. You only have to click as in the attached image, in two steps.


Thank you so much for sharing! SAVED ME@frangoncab 

I'm seeing this issue as well, and have tried on two different computers with multiple web browsers..

@frangoncab Tnks for saring working fine :)

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We are getting reports that the labs are working again. Go ahead and keep trying and it should resolve soon. For this challenge, you do need to complete within the virtual environment. There are still 7 days left in the challenge and we are actively monitoring this lab issue to make sure it's working for users.

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