DA-100 Labs not working

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I cannot begin the Lab08A

getting the error "Hmm, something went wrong, Retry launching lab"


I´ve tryed to do the lab in spanish, in english, with Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge browser and also with Internet Explorer and always get the same error and cannot begin the lab.


Then I have tried to do some other labs I did weeks ago and also get the same error but only in some of them.


Anybody is getting the same and can help me? 





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The labs not working for me either been trying for a week. Does anyone have a work around or a guide on how I can set up the environment on my laptop to practice.?
I am facing this issue, could you please suggest



You will need to "Download Lab Files to D:\drive" to reload the data each time you access the lab.


I don't see this option at the start of all lab sessions so you might need to go back to a previous one to load the data and then follow instructions on the NEW lab.