Windows 10 22H2 are not being offered by Intune

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Hi everyone,


All my devices are the same make/model(Dell Latitude 3520), Windows 10, same device group and Intune MEM/AAD joined. I have set Update Ring to delivery Quality/Feature updates automatically on Intune. Some devices are not being offered the Feature update 22H2 but are receiving the Quality updates normally. If I check updates it says Device updated. This is affecting more than 40 devices.


Is anyone have any idea what can be done?





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We have same problem (ca 50 devices, Elitebook 840 G8). Update ring has similar settings and we don't have feature update profile set up (We don't have license for that feature). I contacted Intune support and they tried to debug the problem. One computer was removed from the update ring and still didn't receive feature update. Intune support won't help us anymore, because problem can be reproduced without Windows Update for Business. Windows Update logs didn't show any problems, so I think the problem must be on the Windows Update side. Newly installed devices receive the update but all previously installed don't.


We had feature update profile set up before MS started to enforce licensing for feature. (Didn't know feature update needed E-license.) I read somewhere that it takes 90 days to get device removed from feature update profile on the server side unless you remove computer from profile manually using graph api, so I removed the computer from profile using graph api. (Endpoint: That didn't help either.


I finally managed to solve the problem. Feature update policy was somehow still blocking the update even though I had removed computers from profile using graph api. I also learned that according to Microsoft license is not needed for basic capabilities:
"Capabilities supported by client policies on Professional SKU devices will not require a license. That includes basic controls for deploying a specified feature update and when to start making the update available to devices."
After I created new feature update policy, update started to deploy to the devices.

JML, can you give more detail about "Feature update policy"? I'm moving from SCCM to Intune and have removed what I thought was all group Policy.



All group policy settings regarding Windows Updates should be removed if you want to control updates from Intune. Feature update policy is Intune equivalent for freezing feature updates to certain level through group policy.

Feature update policy can be found from Intune: