Why is there no location/office attribute in an AAD device properties?

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Hey all,


we are using intune for some time now, and right now we think about optimizing how to put the location/office information to an Azure only device, because we want to use dynamic groups and group devices to an office/location. And Im kinda curious what you guys use for that, since there is no location/office attribute on an AAD/entra device (which I dont understand...)
So are you using device categories for that, or do you work with hundreds of different group tags? Or do you name every device different and use location shortcuts in the name?


We administrate over hundred nursing homes (in one country) and we have a vendor which can give the device a group tag on ordering. But having to use over a hundred different grouptags feels strange...


Right now we dont have an inventory system or ticket system so im stuck with the intune / azure native options.


Would like to hear how you approach this, thank you

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Just a suggestion use Custom Attribute for device object (if managed as Entra AD Joined)

If someone is interested we might use extension attributes for this and use MGraph to assign them https://intunestuff.com/2023/11/28/how-to-add-extension-attributes-for-aad-devices/


But still dont understand why this is not an option in the standard properties... since its not unimportant, where a device is located.