W10 - Configuration Profile - VPN (L2TP)?

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Has anyone successfully created a configuration profile for VPN? Specifically L2TP? When I go to assign the profile to my device as a test, I get an error message stating, "Not Applicable."

Its a Windows 10 Surface Pro, has all the latest feature and security updates. Unfortunately, the error messages aren't very detailed and there's not much out there on troubleshooting this problem. I'm applying the policy to a group and I have tried to put both my user account and my device in the group to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, this should work if all prereqs is in place like certifIcates etc. If you have issues and are unable to solve them I suggest you file a support ticket from portal.azure.com. 




Good luck!


@Marius Alexander Skovli Thanks for your reply. I'll go through the docs again. I don't believe I had a cert in place.