The unmonitored process is in progress, however it may timeout. (0x87D300C9)

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I am getting this error with multiple deployments, does anybody knows why is this happening? I am using Windows app (win32) and the files are .exe so I script then on a ps1. The PowerShell is working when I run it on its own.

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First I am recommending to test the intunefile in sandbox


Sandbox: Multiverse of Madness - Call4Cloud


While doing so, please read my blog about the IME stages. And taking a look at each step and the intune mgt log


IMECache: Attack of the Cleaner - Call4Cloud


My guess, th powershell script launches the exe file to do something? but it just opens the exe file and waits for input.  are you certain the exe can be installed silently? DOes it have prereq to be installed first?


The only way to be certain is to test the powershell script and exe file first in a system context in a sandbox. If that works... try the damien adjusted version to test the intunewin file in sandbox.


Step by step you will get your answer.. Of course, I would love to troubleshoot it for you. To do so: i need the intunewin file and the install parameters.