Supported Browsers for InTune


Is there a timeframe in which the InTune Admin Center will support either an up to dat Chrome Browser or MS Edge?

There is so much frustration around having to have 3 different browsers installed on a Windows 10 machine.


Currently the InTune Admin Center only supports Chrome (version 41 and earlier) and IE.


As Edge gets pushed harder and harder, how can the admin tools not be kept inline?

(I cant access Intune Admin Center from a Surface hub, a Mac or any of our Windows 10 machines unless I push out IE to them)

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the Intune admin center is being moved to Azure and when that happens, any modern browser will be supported. see


Hope this happens quickly. I saw Firefox also going to stop supporting silverlight from march onwords 

can't wait for it either.

True and that is frustrating to see Microsoft is neglecting to update the portal to support latest browsers.

What browsers are you using? Nothing works for me.

I have to use IE 11 (the specific version I have is 11.576.14393.0)

I also have an old install version of Chrome that I don't let update. This isnt a good thing to do, but it works.

I believe Intune reached GA on the new Azure Portal ( I suggest everyone should check it out. I haven't had the time yet.

@Ivan Unger is correct!


Have you seen this post from @Vladimir Petrosyan on Conditional Access at the Azure Portal? 


Vladimir Petrosyan wrote:

This is a very exciting news for us! Please let us know what you think:


"Conditional Access – the new admin experience in the Azure portal


The new conditional access admin experience is also Generally Available today.  Conditional access in Azure brings rich capabilities across Azure Active Directory and Intune together in one unified console. We built this functionality after getting requests for more integration across workloads and fewer consoles.  The experience we’re delivering today does exactly that."



 Check the full announcement on the official Blog post and let us know what you think about the new experience!



This is great that it's been moved to the Azure portal, but can someone PLEASE update the link in the portal?  The O365 Admin Center -> Intune still points to the old site and spits out the "Unsuported browser" message.

@Anne Michels should be able to help get this done

Thanks for flagging. We'll look into this.

This is still not fixed, I just spent the last day trying to figure out how to access the Intune portal. Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is completely broken trying to access O365 Admin Center, and Chrome gets an unsupported browser message when clicking the Intune link in the Admin Center.


I actually think the reason it's not fixed yet is because the Intune Azure Portal is still "in beta".


I found there's some funcationality which still hasn't been cut over to the new portal yet (such as the ability to upgrade Windows 10 from Pro to Enterprise versions by using a different key).  If you want to do that, you *have* to go back to the old portal because the policy doesn't exist in the new one.


So I imagine that is why the Intune Admin link still points to the old site, because that is (technically) still the site we should be using (if you want full functionality).

The Intune portal in Azure is no longer "in beta", It was released to General Availability 2 months ago, see the links above and there have been many updates since then.
Did anyone here verify if all their device configuration policies have been properly migrated to the new portal? This week I've noticed my key policy missing in the new portal, but still existing in the old one.

Yeah, I finally found the link to the new portal, and once I got in there I tried to click on something to start working with in Intune and I was told that Microsoft is working tirelessly to get everybody in to the "preview" of the new portal. But, that they weren't ready for me yet.


So, I figured out my Internet Explorer issue and went back to the classic portal.

"Beta" was the wrong term.  I meant "preview".  It would be fair to say that for something to be truely "generally available", that one could expect the same functionality in the new portal, and have no requirement to use the old portal at all.  As there are still some things that cannot possibly be done in the new portal, but are there in the old portal.  


If that is really the case then - that the new Intune portal is the point of truth and you should only go back to the old portal by exception; then someone needs to update the old portal aswell, because mine still suggests the new portal is a "preview" - and this is the link followed through


So I guess there's 2 things that need to be updated now.



Ok I take it back what I said about the "Upgrade Edition" function not being in the new portal.  I'm *sure* it wasn't there a few weeks ago, and even the other week.  Also the documentation still says it's a function of the classic portal here:


However I can confirm the functionality is now in the new Azure Portal.


Still though - someone needs to update to point to the new portal, and the portal to say the Intune Azure Portal is no longer in "preview".