Powershell script issues

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Hi everyone,

I would like some help related with some scripts in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

We already create a script that change name of the device when it deploy autopilot. The script works perfectly but when we see the status of the script in intune, its showed like failed!.


I would like to know if this script need something else. 


Below is the script that we just create.

Like i said, when this script is deploy in a device, it works perfectly!!


But when we like to see the status of that script in intune it show like this!







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you could try to add a try / if /else.

Here is an example.

Try {
$Result = get-winevent -FilterHashTable @{LogName="Application";StartTime=(get-date).Addseconds(-600)}|Where-Object{($_.id -eq 0) -and ($_.message -like "*added to the Administrators group*")} | ft message
$ID = $Result | measure-Object
If ($ID.Count -lt 5)
Write-Output "No users added to the local admin group"
Exit 0
Write-Output $result
Exit 1001
Write-Warning "Value Missing"
Exit 1001