A win32 app that deploys an image installs successfully but then deletes itself randomly

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Hi all.


I have a win32 app which deploys a imagine using a powershell script


Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 15.30.59.png


This has worked in the past and never had issues but this time the image disappears. 


Wallpaper is a folder which contains the image. 


Any ideas why the image is disappearing? 





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Huh.. you are creating a folder c:\wallpaper and afterwards you copy the contents of the intune wrapped package that's inside the wallpaper folder to a folder c:\mdm
Doesnt that folder needs to be there in the first place?
Are you trying to configure a desktop wallpaper? Why not use the built-in device restriction policy? Unless you are using Pro SKU and trying to configure using Win32 app?