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Hi Community,
I need to configure Intune to open links in default app, for example youtube link open on Youtube APP, linkedin links open on Linkedin APP and so on.

All links are being opened by Edge Browser (My Default browser), found some documentation related to W10, but I need to setup Android / iOS devices.

Also read some OMA-URI but didn´t find any specific documentation or examples.


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Seems like you might have app protection policies set up that is forcing links to open in Edge. The setting you want to look for is "Restrict web content transfer with other apps".

@kkeirstead Will try it, and yes we have app protection setup, come back with the results.

Also check Universal links settings in your APP. I have similar case with Box app not opening links from Outlook, we are testing through.

@carlosbhand @kkeirstead This setting "Restrict web content transfer with other apps" worked, thanks for the support. Some questions remain open:
- What this settings impact from Security point of view?
- Carlos How can I check "Universal Links in my App", I know it´s configured to open few "*" links, but without the settings on APP Policies didn´t work.
- When I go to Company Portal --> Settings --> I have in the end "Default Apps" with just Microsoft/Office 365 registered, How can I register more apps here?

Thanks for the help so far!

@Aucesar You can find them on the properties, under "Send org data to other apps" > Select managed universal links.