Windows systems auto restarts through Intune

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We want to implement the following scenario using Microsoft Intune. Could you please share your valuable suggestions on how to achieve this using PowerShell scripts and policies?
To implement the scenario of sending restart notifications three times to end-user devices using Microsoft Intune with PowerShell scripts or policies, you can follow these steps:

Prepare PowerShell Scripts:
1. **Friendly Notification (Trigger 1):** Create a PowerShell script that sends a friendly notification to end-user devices. This script should use the appropriate method to display a user-friendly message on the devices.

2. **Gentle Reminder (Trigger 2):** Create a second PowerShell script for the gentle reminder notification. This script should run after the first notification and provide a different reminder message.

3. **Force Restart with Countdown (Trigger 3):** Develop a PowerShell script that initiates a force restart with a countdown timer. Ensure that this script displays a countdown and then forces the restart when the countdown reaches zero.

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Sounds like emulation of the default Windows reboot toast notifications. Is the requirement for outside of patching?
yes , Outside of patching only Rahul
Then you are looking at a custom solution of some sort. Something like this -