Mapping network driver into intune without powershell

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Is there a way to mapping network driver from PC into intune without using powershell script?


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:).... That would be very nice to see if that was possible...but sfaik no... But why not using PowerShell/converted to a win32app and using pnputil? it is done with in a few minutes
Thank you, we are going to use powershell :)

Hi @Qusai_Ismail 


it is possible to create drive mappings without PowerShell but not by default. You can use custom profile and import the admx file. 

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP you have created a blog about maps drive mapping without PowerShell. Maybe you forget but you really did haha


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Mapping network driver into intune without PowerShell --> not drive mappings :p



shame on me! I didn’t read that correctly. My bad!