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iPads were initially enrolled in Intune through Apple Business Manager (ABM), then enrolled and equipped with apps. The MDM Push Certificate has expired. Now, the certificate has been renewed, but a different Apple ID was used.

Currently, the status of the MDM Push Certificate is "Active." The VPP Token is also OK, but it still uses the old Apple ID.

As for the iPads in Intune, they are showing "reset required." The Company Portal does not install itself on the iPads automatically, and when the user installs and sets it up manually, it attempts to install a management profile again, which fails.

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Hi @Dejan_Topic,

Renewing the MDM Push Certificate with a different Apple ID, especially when iPads were initially enrolled with another Apple ID in Apple Business Manager (ABM), can lead to complications.

- The MDM Push Certificate is a most important component of device management, and it should align with the Apple ID associated with your ABM account.

- Using a different Apple ID for certificate renewal can cause issues with device management, including profile installations and app assignments.

- The "reset required" status on iPads suggests a mismatch between the new certificate and the devices' existing configurations.

What you can try to do is:
1. Analyse the extent of the issue. Determine how many devices are affected and if there are any critical apps or data on them.

2. If possible, consider reverting to the previous MDM Push Certificate associated with the original Apple ID used for enrollment. This can help align your MDM setup with minimal disruptions.

*Contact Apple Support because they can provide you the best help with your issue. This is more Apple device management specific issue and not so much the Intune issue.

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Leon Pavesic

Thank you for the feedback. We started the second point yesterday. I'm curious to see if Apple can provide support.