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I have a iOS device that will not check in through the intune company portal app. The original symptom I have is that I can start the download of an app through the company portal and it says pending download but never does anything and when I use the "check device" option under my devices list in the company portal, it will time out and give an error that states: There was an error while checking status. Your status may not be up to date. Try checking again. I have reviewed and troubleshot with the guidance of several articles which I will list below. The strangest thing is if I erase all content and settings from the ipad, create a new app assignment for the targeted user that will be using the device and restart the enrollment process, the app will eventually show up no problem. My apple VPP token is up to date and active, I have just reset my MDM push certificate again, and tried to sync the device multiple times.

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The best I can do to narrow down the issue is that the last device check in was around the same time I had to update the MDM certificate the first time. Do you have any guidance?



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Hi @tmain3 ,


If I have understood your question right, it appears that you are attempting to make a VPP app "available" to the consumers.


If user licensing is used for app deployment, the user must have set up their Apple ID on their device because any app that is deployed using user-based licensing will ask for the Apple ID.


To further narrow it, I would advise changing the app's assignment from "All users" to "an assigned group with few users" and selecting "device" as the license type.


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@somesh_pathak You're correct, we have an app library setup to apply to users based on their group membership within 365. The app is showing up in the company portal, however due to whichever strange issue I am having, the app is not able to download and sits in a "pending install" status even though the user I am testing with has all the necessary group assignments that would enable them to download the app. I found a different article that said that iOS update 16.4 may fix this so i'll be trying that while one of our third-party vendors do some additional research.