iOS Update Policy does not download latest update, but 14.4.

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Hi everyone,

yesterday created an iOS update policy to enforce the update of our Apple Business Manager enrolled iOS devices to the latest 14.4.2 to apply the emergency update ASAP. We never had an update policy in place for our ABM devices, but I thought that it´s a good time now to do so.


So I created the policy, set the version to install to "latest update" at "next check-in" and assigned it to the user group which has got all users with ABM devices.


The odd thing now is, that these users can update their device, but after a reboot the iPhone stays on 14.4 and telling the user that there has been an error and you´re using the latest version your administrator approved (or similar wording, as my colleagues use their devices in german). 


There is no other configuration profile setting restricting the use of this or later versions. So what am I missing here? :)

I set the Update Policy manually to 14.4.2 now in order to get these devices update to date, but I´d like to know my mistake.



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