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1. Does Intune support remote wiping of IOS devices and restoring the security policies loaded through the profiles?


2. Can we push updates for IOS VPP apps through Intune portal on to IOS devices?

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1. Remote wiping of data or Remote Wiping of the device? if you Remote Wipe the device(factory reset) then it will be setup as a new phone, if you use DEP forced enrollment can be used.

If you remote wipe data in managed apps like Outlook the MAM policies will come back when you sign in again.

2. No Automatic app updates can either be enabled or disabled, we cannot push an update of an app to one phone.  It is on Uservoice so please vote it up if you have need for it.


Hello Jorgen,

Thank you for the information.
1. I have enrolled Ipads using Apple Configurator into DEP and assigned them to Intune MDM Server, but how to force the enrollment automatically after remotely wiping the device? Is it possible through Intune?
2. I gave my 3 votes !!


From my understanding, if an iPad device was enrolled through DEP, it will try to connect to your Intune MDM instance again after it's wiped out, as it's locked to your company account by Apple.