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Intune - how to exit Kiosk mode

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Dear forum members,

I have found when a device is in kiosk mode (in my case, an iPad), removing the kiosk device restriction configuration profile will not take the device out of the kiosk mode, even after a restart. I will have to assign the device to a different group to receive another configuration profile that has kiosk mode not turned on, or wipe the device.

Has anyone experience this too?


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@wangjueliang - I am also having the same situation. Are you able to find a solution without re-installing device?

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It's been a while. In the past a few years, the following has been working for us.

In the kiosk configuration profile, assign to the required group, but also have another group under the exclusion.

When you need to take a device out of kiosk mode, simply add the device to this exclusion group.

We found it usually takes under 20 mins for the device to exit the kiosk mode.

Once done, remove the device from the exclusion group. It will be back in kiosk lock shortly.

Good luck.

@wangjueliang should this work for windows devices too?