Intune Grace Period Not Working

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When I try to use the "restart grace period" for a win32 app, I get a strange error. The notifcation pops up at the correct time, but says" the computer will restart in -2147483648 minutes"


I've configured it to "Device restart grace period" is 15 minutes. "Select when to display the restart countdown dialog box before the restart occurs" is set to 5 minutes. "Allow user to snooze the restart notification" is set to "NO".


The reboot is fine but the restart notification is clearly off with the restart timer. It works perfectly fine on Windows 11 but has the bug on Windows 10.


Has anyone seen this?


Same issue here:

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Thanks for the response. I tested again and it is happening on Windows 11 as well.


No idea if this is the fix but we have accounts synced with AD and all accounts are standard accounts. If I make an account local admin, the reboot grace period works like normal. Weird....


I will look into your other fixes.

It's a bug within Intune. Please check here, there is a registry key that you need to allow users access to: