Intune Compliance Policy

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The device compliance policy shows it is compliant. But after 7 days which is the grace period, the user is unable to access office products and he is being blocked by conditional access policies and does not allow him to access. What could go wrong and why? I have the MDMDiagReport, but I am not sure where to start. As, there are too many locations I have to go through. Any suggestions or thoughts?


Device is Windows 10 OS version 10.0.19045.3570

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Access Work & School -> Info scroll down to the end and check of there is an error related to unable to sync due to not being able to establish logged on user’s credentials.
I think in this one it is first important which conditonal access rule is causing this blockage. When you know that clearly, you also know what is being triggered.
If you have the company portal installed ( I hope you do :) ) you can ask them to open the company portal and try to check the compliance status of the device. That one would show you more information. Besides the company portal... what happens when you try to click on the device its compliance status in intune... sometimes it looks al good until you click on it and shows you one of the policies it fails on