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Kindly need to know what is the purpose of creating devices group in intune?



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Hi @ElieAT, Based on your needs, you can target policies to both device groups, and user groups you create. There are also 2 pre-created groups;  All devices, (all intune enrolled devices) and all users (all Intune licensed users).


If you want to apply a policy (setting) on a device, regardless of who’s signed in, use a devices group. Users do not need to sign-in on a device for these policies and/or apps to be applied/installed when you use a device group


Create and assign user groups when you want that your policies/apps to be applied to a specific user (group). It will apply on any applicable device the user signs in.


Also have a look at Assign device profiles in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


When ever you can, you should use the pre-created groups. When you want a more granular control, create your own groups. 


Hope this helps