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I want to automatically register my computers in Intune. The computers are already in a local domain and registered in Entra. I’ve enabled automatic registration in Azure and Intune but I’m encountering an error 0x801c001d which seems to direct me to a hybrid configuration joined with Entra. I’ve noticed that the hybrid join option is a temporary status that we shouldn’t maintain for an extended period. Is this accurate? I can’t manually add computers with professional or school access because my users don’t have machine administrator privileges.

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Hi... just to know the situation a bit better.

are we talking about hybrid joined devices or are we talking about domain joined devices that manually registered themselves in entra.



The computer has been joined to the local domain and is only registered on Entra ID. I want to use Intune to push Microsoft Defender and potentially patches following the recommendations of Microsoft Defender. I would like to add my computers automatically with the best option and I don’t need a hybrid join for the moment. But if that’s the best option, let’s go for it

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We surfaced your question during today's episode of Unpacking Endpoint Management. Please see the panel's answer at around 7:30.

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