Empowering Software Deployment: Seeking Solutions for Admin-Free Installs via Company Portal

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Hello everyone,


I'm facing an issue with deploying software through the company portal. I'd like to make software installed via winget available through the company portal, following this guide: Link to the guide.

The problem now is that while the initiation of the installation process works, it requires administrative privileges for the installation to proceed.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to allow end-users to install it without needing admin rights?


Best regards, Benjamin

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As far as I know, it is true that winget always requires administrator rights. But if the app is already available as a Windows Store App, why don't you use it? The functionality often works very well and your applications are also provided with updates.
Hello Jos,

Apparently, we need software that is not currently available on the Windows Store. We are referring to software such as "mRemoteNG," "Notepad++," and others, which are only accessible via winget.

Currently I am trying the following solution: https://rozemuller.com/install-winget-applications-using-microsoft-endpoint-manager/#creating-an-exe...

Winget will only require admin permissions if installing to system; the majority are able to be installed to profile.

Unfortunately for those that do require system, Winget is not a solution.