CSP Remediation failed

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i'm currently facing a problem with a CSP:

I want to set the Timezone via CSP to my intune managed devices.

So i created a custom profile like that:



Data type: String

Value: i tried "W. Europe Standard Time" (with and without quotation marks)


I already had a look at the CSP Reference for this.

So this should work, isn't it?


After that i received in eventlog the following error:

"system cannot find the file specified"


After that i tried the OMA-URI without "Device/


Afterwards i got another error event:

"An invalid Field name was used in the query string" 0x80040204



After about half an hour it was working... :D Azure... :D


Thank you in advance!

Patrick :)

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I have this same issue, would love to know where it's coming from...
I had just finished wrestling with this myself. I had to remove the /device from my string and remove the quotes around my timezone. After I did that, it worked right away. String that worked: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/TimeLanguageSettings/ConfigureTimeZone Value that worked: Eastern Standard Time Thanks @PatrickF11 for the info which helped me fix my issue

@ShanekdI'm glad to hear I could help. :)