Can we push outlook signature from intune

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Is it possible to apply signature to outlook from intune via script 

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Yes, for example . You can also use Third-Party tools like CodeTwo to manage signatures which is more flexible, signatures at a certain date etc.

Totally agree with Harm, I use CodeTwo, it’s an amazing tool.

You can use the Roaming Signature with the script that Harm sent you, it enables the signature in multiple devices. It was rolled out on Oct 2022.


@Harm_Veenstra thanks for the reply.

No problem, I hope it works out for you
Hi, i tried the script but it didn't work for me it was showing some error. i got the error “The unmonitored process is progress, however it may timeout 0x87D300C9”. have any idea what is the issue.
Haven't used this myself, you could report your issue on his post?

@Harm_Veenstra From what I can tell the link you had provided is no longer good.
For anyone needing a guide to serve as the basis of your script for email sign deployments, I used The Lazy Administrators guide. 

My version of the script is heavily modified, but the version provided by the Lazy Admin is a great starting point for you to get started.
Has anyone found any guidance on how Administrators are able to deploy Cloud Signatures from Outlook or import the signatures in the user's signature folder into their cloud signatures for Outlook?