Sync GAL to Android & IOS devicees



Does anyone have a working way of synchronizing the GAL to IOS and Android devices' native contacts app?
We are using intune, and i have tried with the app protection and app configuration policies, and with device configuration, and none of them give me the wanted result.
I can manage to the the Sync turned on, and manually from the outlook app select single users to sync, which works - but not the entire GAL automaticlly.....


I know there is alot of licensed 3. party software that can do this - i'm hoping someone here has an intune native solution to the issue..

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@Hjorthen Please check my video here


Have you been facing issues with your #Intune enrolled #iOS device when it comes to synchronizing contacts to and from native contacts & #outlook? Then this video is for you! In this short video, I will explain the available options now to easily solve this problem. With these settings, you will ...
That's a long video that seems to talk about a lot of things that are unrelated to syncing GAL to Android phones. I couldn't find the section that spoke about syncing the GAL to phones, but if it exists, please advise how many mins & secs in to this very long video it explains the solution.
Hi Dan,

It’s not possible to sync GAL natively (as you mentioned, 3rd party and not sure they can do the job), you can only sync your Outlook registered contacts.

Hope this answers your question!