Azure 365 Groups have disappeared from Intune / Endpoint Manager Profiles

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Hi There


I have a ticket underway for this one but I don't think the agent is aware of the resolution so I am posting here in the hopes of some insight.


I have a whole bunch of Intune configuration profiles set in Intune / Endpoint Manager. The profiles are generally assigned to members via 365 groups with dynamic membership.


Two weeks ago, many of the 365 groups dropped from the list of selectable groups when assigning a configuration profile in Intune. I can set up a new 365 group and this new group is selectable in the drop down list of possible assignments for the profile however most of the existing 365 groups are not visible or assignable.


Intune support have told me that this is occurring because I should be using Security Groups rather than 365 Groups to assign profiles. This is contrary to the guidance information HERE and is contrary to the behavior I have experienced in the past whilst using this system.


My existing profiles are still linked to the pre-existing 365 groups that have long been established in the system. However I cannot assign NEW profiles to my pre-existing 365 groups. The only way around this at the moment seems to be to create a new 365 group. I don't want to have to reinvent all of my groups from scratch because there are many policies linked to these groups.


Please help!!

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@Luke_SM Patch your group using Graphs Beta. 


"securityEnabled": true
Group starts showing in the configuration profiles.