Application installation failure

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Hi Team’

 we have deployed some applications through intune’ there are many devices and users have not installed the applications what we have deployed, so how to fix  the installation failures in bulk

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Are there any successful installations? What is the error? What have you checked and established so far?
In 5000 devices 1200 devices are failed
Error is - 0x80070643 - Fatal error during installation
Thanks. So what have you checked and established so far? What’s different about these 1200 devices?
Application older versions are there in devices but new version not installed,
Even I’m new to Intune please tell me the next step what should I do - tell me step by step??
What is the name of the application? Is the installer able to upgrade the older installed version or have you added any logic to remove the older versions as part of your setup?
They are many applications which are failed in some devices and in some users
I don’t know how to fix it, tell me the procedure first what should i do step by step..
I am sorry but you are giving very little information to work with. It’s like flying blind. You better off opening a support case with MS.


okay bro’ this is another querie!

They are trying to uninstall older version and trying to install new version of application,

This is security application, but this is the error is getting’ they tried in test machines - 

please the find the pic u can understand well

Please tell me the solution for how to fix!



@Mohan579 what is the detection logic?

Script logic
Can you share the script over here?
# Variable Definition
$GFilter = "name = '" + $app + "'"
$Pathreg = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\ForcePoint\Agent"
$GetApp = Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Product -Filter "$GFilter"
$DeploymentVersion = "22.12"

#Action Error
$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

if((Test-path $Pathreg) -eq $false) # Check Registry Path conditcion
Write-Output "$App doesn't exist"
Exit 0
if ([System.String]::IsNullOrEmpty($GetApp))
Write-Output "$Pathreg is true, but the $App application doesn't exist"
Exit 0
elseif ($GetApp.Version -lt $DeploymentVersion) # Check App Version
Write-Output "$App version is $($Getapp.Version), removal failed please check logs and event viewer"
Exit 1
"The version is $($Getapp.Version), $App is up to date"
Exit 0
Try changing the values for detection from wmi to registry alone. Also, if the uninstallation is straightforward and doesn’t require reboots then consider bundling the uninstallation script for old versions and installation of new version in a single package. You can also use PS app deployment toolkit.