2MB Installer converted to 1.75GB *.intunewin

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Good afternoon,

I am implementing applications for my computers with Autopilot.
When I create an *.intunewin file, it weighs 1.75GB if the installer is 2MB. If the installer is 64MB it also weighs the same, 1.75GB.

Am I doing something wrong?
It seems to me a beast to upload a 2MB installer converted to 1.75GB!

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The folder you are using needs to have only the files you need for the application. The Intune converter will use everything inside the folder you specify. That may be the reason.
Thank you for your reply.
But Intune only allows me to upload 1 application at a time.
It is also not possible to add more than one application with IntuneWinAppUtil.
Is there another way?

Hi @dduqueUEMC 

Not quite sure what are you trying to achive, but you are supposed to create apps one by one. 

If you one to create on nested group of applications (again not quite sure why) you would package them together and have a script that calls each installer one by one).


A better approach to do an installation of apps in a specific order (if this is the reason) could be the use of dependencies in intune . You upload each app separately and then create dependencies.


If the approach is only to upload them faster, this is not possible by uploading only one big intunewin file. Each apps needs to be packaged separately.

Thanks for the help.
I don't know why my Intune files are 1.8GB per app. It seems that now they weigh what they should.