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1 user fills forms, 2nd user able to see all the resonses from the forms and respond to individual responses ( 2nd user should be able to see all pending tasks for which actions are required). Actions can be in Microsoft forms.
And in the End, the xompiled items to be reported in Power BI as dashboard with refresh on every forms submission.
I would like to know if this would be possible. If yes, let me know the flow between apps.
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@VaishnavM if I was doing this it would all revolve aound a SharePoint list. The form response and user info would be saved into the list via a flow in Power Automate. The permissions on the list should be set so that User 2 can see all the responses. You could then have an additional column in that list for User2's response and a JSON-formatted button to strigger a flow that sends the response back to the original submitter. The list would be the data source for the dashboard in Power BI.


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Can you please send me detailed steps on how to do the above please, as I am new to this field
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