Duplicating Section if user answers yes to a question

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Hi All, I am hoping someone will be able to answer this question or point me in the right direction. I have been creating a form for a questionnaire and I was wondering is there away to duplicate a section if the user selects Yes to Do you have any other locations?. 

I have not been able to find away to do this and was hoping someone has the information. 


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@OBITFusion there's no functionality for a section to be duplicated on the fly if a user answers a particular question, sections have to be created in advance. So you'd need to duplicate the section a few times while building the form, then use branching to go to each section  or the end of the form as appropriate.


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@RobElliott is there a product as part of o365 that would allow this?

If your users are all internal you could build a form in Power Apps, but you would still have the same issue that a new section couldn't be generated on the fly an unlimited number of times. But it would give you more options but wiyhout looking at it in detail I don't think it would be completely straightforward.