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Greetings, while I was writing comments on a verification form (under the drop-down where the names of the boys appear), I deleted an answer believing to delete MY answer, that is what I was writing. This was my intent, but instead, I cancelled a student's entire test. Can I retrieve it? Thank you


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@nicolettaOIS the only way you might retrieve it is to log a support ticket with Microsoft, they might be able to restore it.


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Thank you,

I sent it but the answer I received was from the Community and it was a link to "how to retrieve a cancelled form" but this is not what I need.

I need to retrieve a student's test, inside a form.

I created a form for 6 students, corrected 5 then moved to the 6th one. I started to write my comments in the available space box under the student's drop-down menu when I decided I didn't like them and wanted to change it. Instead of simply erasing the words and re-writing my comments, I stupidly clicked on eliminate "risposta" (=answer in Italian). I thought it was ok because I wanted to eliminate my answer...
Bottom line, I erased the student's entire test.

Unfortunately, the technical support is not replying. Can you send me the link again, maybe I sent it to the wrong support line.

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