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New 365 user here. I would like to ask if there is a way to use 365 to build surveys & automatically send out e-certificates to respondents similar to Google Form & Certify em? Also would there be a daily limit as with Google Forms, they only limit up to 100 & 1500 if you have a Google Workspace account.




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@Dmchewie you would build the survey in Forms but it can't send out a certificate, so you would also need a flow in Power Automate to take the response from the form, possibly save the response into a SharePoint list, and either create a file (PDF) with the responder's details in it or attach an already created certificate and send it by email to the responder.


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Hi @RobElliot, thanks for clarifying. I understand using Forms, But would that only send out a generic certificate or would that also personalize the certificate? Because currently I'm using Certify Em, but I now need to generate the certificates in volume now using 365 due to the number of pending respondents that we have. Would you happen to have a tutorial on how to set it up? Thanks.

@Dmchewie Did you end up with a solution to this? I am looking for a Microsoft equivalent to Certify 'Em or Autocrat.