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Hey guys,
Today was my paper on MS forms. It was MCQs based paper. What happened to me that when I clicked on submit button in the end with all questions answered, after a min, the page reload ny itself and the MCQs were shuffled but the responses were there. Due to shortage of time I just checked 2 3 mcqs and then came to end of MS forms page.At the end, near, submission button, there was written in red that I could remember exactly but it was like " your answers may haven't been saved. Please check your internet connectivity ". Then when I clicked submitted button, it was submitted successfully but I don't understand that what does this error means. Will my responses been changed? Bcz at last 15 mins, I changed my options. Weren't they be saved?

Guys need your guidance and comments on this issue. Its so serious and I am hell worried.
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