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Enable time limit for students in your test
Published Aug 24 2022 07:13 AM 6,120 Views

We are excited to share how time limit works in Microsoft Forms, an important feature to help students to practice their time management skill.


How does it work?

When students open a quiz with time limit, they will land into a start page before they formally start the test. On the start page, they could know the total time they could take for this test, and they are told they couldn’t pause the timer during the test.



After students start the test, they will see a progress bar on the top to help they know how much time remained.



Students could also collapse the timer to a smaller widget to help them focus on the test.



Students will see a last-minute reminder to notify them it is the time to submit their answers.




How to set up

You could easily enable the timer in the “Settings” pane under the “…” menu. You could enable it for both form and quiz.




Additional FAQ

When will this become available?

It is available for all customers including consumer, education and commercial customers. It will roll out to Gov customers in late Sep.


Can we enable a timer not only for quizzes, but for forms?

Yes. The feature is available for both form and quiz.


How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is super valuable to us. Please share your feedback with this survey -

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